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Sanaa Chemicals

Are you looking for a reliable chemical supplier in Saudi Arabia?

Look no further, We guarantee high quality chemicals and excellent customer service when you source from us. Plus, with our exclusive range of products, we’re confident that our solutions can meet any industrial or laboratory need.

What are you waiting for? Discover the exciting range of chemical we have in stock today and find the perfect product for your needs! Sanaa chemicals is here to serve you.

Sanaa Chemicals

Bringing chemistry to life. Sanaa Chemicals is the leading specialty chemicals distribution company, serving the needs of customers in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to enhance their business with solutions that are meaningful, sustainable, and innovative.

Connecting customers to innovation and impactful solutions, we are your global solution for specialty chemical distribution. Bridging the gap between Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Sanaa Chemicals is helping customers around the world get the tools they need to succeed. chemistry starts here making a difference

We Focuses On !

Let’s work together for a brighter future At Sanaa Chemicals, we are committed to strengthening our partnerships with our suppliers and customers, now and in the long-term.


Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with our suppliers & customers – where win is the priority


Come explore our wide range of products, and find out how they help make work easier. With SanaaChemials, you're guaranteed to find what you need!


This involves adopting sustainable practices, such as reducing energy consumption, recycling, using renewable energy sources, and reducing waste


It's great to hear that your company is expanding its facilities and has a team of technically trained professionals

Our activities......

  • Chemicals for Water Treatment, Potable Sewage & Pool Water
  • Chemicals for Oil Field & Petroleum
  • Chemicals for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemicals for Food & Beverages Industry
  • Chemicals for Steel & Galvanizing Industry
  • Chemicals for Mining & Ceramic Industry
  • Chemicals for Paint, Paper, Adhesive & Detergent Industry
  • Chemicals for Laboratory, Analytical use
  • Corrosion Control by Rubber Lining for Storage Tank, Road Tank, Pipes, Valves, Etc.